This is your guide to everything, and I mean everything, that George has ever done in every episode!

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  1. The Seinfeld Chronicles:

  2. The Stakeout:

  3. The Robbery:

  4. Male Unbonding

  5. The Stock Tip

  6. The Ex-Girlfriend

  7. The Pony Remark:

  8. The Jacket:

  9. The Phone Message

  10. The Apartment:

  11. The Statue:

  12. The Revenge:

  13. The Heart Attack:

  14. The Deal:

  15. The Baby Shower:

  16. The Chinese Restaurant:

  17. The Busboy:

  18. The Note:

  19. The Truth:

  20. The Pen:

  21. The Dog:

  22. The Library:

  23. The Parking Garage:

  24. The Cafe:

  25. The Tape:  George has his captain of the toes joke idea.  His newest scheme for curing his baldness is from China.  He also admits that he has a thing for Elaine.

  26. The Nose Job:

  27. The Stranded:

  28. The Alternate Side:

  29. The Red Dot:

  30. The Subway:

  31. The Pez Dispenser:

  32. The Suicide:

  33. The Fix-Up:

  34. The Boyfriend:

  35. The Limo:

  36. The Good Samaritan:

  37. The Letter:

  38. The Parking Space:

  39. The Keys:

  40. The Trip, Part One:  In this episode, George reveals that he dresses by his mood.  This is why he must carry so many suitcases to California.  When he and Jerry check in to their hotel, he insists on having his bed not tucked.  He then accompanies Jerry to a taping of the Tonight Show, where he meets Corbin Bernsen and George Wendt.  He proposes a cat case for L.A. Law to Bernsen, insisting that he shouldn't have to pay to replace a cat because he neglected to feed him.  While talking to Wendt, he suggest that Cheers not take place in just a bar.  Because people meet in other places.

  41. The Trip, Part Two: George Insists that if he had a business, his employees would love him. 

  42. The Pitch and the Ticket:

  43. The Wallet:

  44. The Watch:

  45. The Bubble Boy:

  46. The Cheever Letters:

  47. The Opera:

  48. The Virgin:

  49. The Contest:

  50. The Airport:

  51. The Pick:

  52. The Movie:

  53. The Visa:

  54. The Shoes:

  55. The Outing:

  56. The Old Man:

  57. The Implant:

  58. The Junior Mint:

  59. The Smelly Car:

  60. The Handicap Space:

  61. The Pilot

  62. The Mango:

  63. The Puffy Shirt:

  64. The Glasses:

  65. The Sniffing Accountant:

  66. The Bris:

  67. The Lip Reader:

  68. The Nonfat Yogurt:

  69. The Barber:

  70. The Masseuse:

  71. The Cigar Store Indian:

  72. The Conversion:

  73. The Stall:  George fall's for Elaine's new boyfriend:  Tony.  He wants to really impress Tony, so he suggests going bowling because it's insane!  But Tony sugests rock climbing.   George makes tuna sandwhiches becasue he knows Tony doesn't like peanut butter.   But, George forgets to tie a knot and Tony nearly falls to his death.

  74. The Dinner Party:

  75. The Marine Bioligist:

  76. The Pie:

  77. The Stand-In:  His ne girl is Daphne--who can't talk while eating.  Al tells Daphne to watch out for George--because he can't commit.  So George keeps the relationship going for spite and gets dumped.

  78. The Wife:

  79. The Raincoats:  His best line:  Who will the aliens relate to?  He also gets trapped into becoming a big brother, but tries to weasel out of it by insisting that he's going to France.   He wants Jerry's parents to send postcards back from their trip to France to prove it.  But, it backfires because his little brother's (Joey) dad lives in Paris.   During this episode, George also sells his father's cabana clothes to Rudy's--but they ar emoth ridden.  He also succeeds in driving a wedge between Kramer and Morty--the raincoat deal is off.  So, he ends up taking Joey to Paris.  Side note:  we learn that George watches Jeopardy.

  80. The Fire:  George's latest girl:  Robin.  We also learn that he suffers from asthma.  While at the birthday party of his new girl's son, he encounters Eric the clown and asks Eric if he ever heard of Bozo the Clown--of course he hadn't heard of him, so George is pretty upset.   Later, George sees smoke coming from the kitchen and yells fire--proceeds to knock a grandmother in a walker down and shut the dooor behind in him in an attempt to escape the inferno.  Of course, it's not really a fire, so George blows it.  He later suggests to Jerry that he should go heckle Toby at her place of work.  At the end, George freaks out and yells gun at the comedy club and creates another riot and ruins Jerry's second chance at a good review.

  81. The Hamptons:  George's latest:  Jane.  The gang takes a trip to the Hamptons and everyone but George sees Jane topless.  He compares Jerry to Neil Armstrong--he takes a sip of tang and Jerry jumps out.  His revenge:  he should get to see Rachel, Jerry's girl, naked--but that backfires.  Rachel sees him after a dip in the cold water.   Then, he loses Jane to 'shrinkage' and vows revenge on Rachel.  He cooks breakfast and puts lobster in the eggs--which Rachel won't/can't eat.  So ends another wonderful day in the life of George.

  82. The Opposite:  Fed up with always screwing up, he vows that he will do the opposite of everything.  If every instinct he has had is wrong, then the opposite must be right.  We also learn of a new talent:  he always knows when someone is uncomfortable at a party.  His previous meal:  Tuna on toast, coleslaw and tea.  The new one:  chicken salad on rye, potato salad, and tea.  His new girl:  Victoria.  George is at his best.  Instead of being passive and intimidated he is the complete opposite.   He threatens movie theatre punks.  He's calm in the car.  He tells Steinbrenner off and gets a job with the Yankees--assistant to the travelling secretary.   He moves to 86th Street and away from his parents.  He also makes a few suggestions to Don Mattingly on his batting stance.

  83. The Chaperone:

  84. The Big Salad:

  85. The Pledge Drive:

  86. The Chinese Woman:

  87. The Couch:

  88. The Gymnast:

  89. The Soup:

  90. The Mom & Pop Store:   While shopping for a Volvo, George finds out that a Le Baron was the former property of John Voight!  He buys the car and is very excited to have the former actor's car.  Jerry tells him that John Voight, the cator, spells his name 'Jon'.   So, George insists on finding out if it was really the actor's car.  While at a Yankee Stadium meeting, he proposes "Jon Voight Day" and is lauged at and George can no longer call meetings.  He then takes a pencil with teeth marks to a party.  Hoping to find a dentist that could match the marks in the pencil to those on Kramer's arm, he learns that it was John Voight, the dentist and not the actor.

  91. The Secretary:

  92. The Race:

  93. The Switch:

  94. The Label Maker:

  95. The Scofflaw:

  96. The Beard:

  97. The Kiss Hello:

  98. The Doorman:

  99. The Jimmy:

  100. The Doodle:  George's new girlfriend, Paula, is an art student and makes a cartoon doodle of George.  Of course, George gets worried about the doodle and asks Elain to find out if Paula likes him.  He later finds out that she doesn't care what he looks like, so he decides he can live out one of his fantasies:  dress in velvet.  All is well until Paula puts a peach pit into her mouth...from a peach that George had just finished.  And that's the end of Paula.

  101. The Fussili Jerry:  We learn that in order for George to talk to his mom, he needs a TV present.  His new girlfriend is Nancy and he's worried that he can't satisfy her in bed, so he asks about Jerry's 'move.'  Being George, he writes the 'move' down and completely blows it when his crib notes are discovered.  And that ends that relationship.  On a side note, George's pasta is ravioli.

  102. The Diplomats Club:

  103. The Face Painter:  George's new line/joke:  toilet paper has remained the same for centuries--it's still on a roll, they can't improve it.  His new girl:  Seina and he thinks that she is the one.  He proposes to drop an "I love you"--but Jerry warns him about it--you can't have a big matzah ball like that hanging out there.  We find out that he's only said "I love you" to one other--a dog.  He's so convinced that Seina is the one that he gives up Ranger playoff tickets to drop the line.  But it's left hanging.  Kramer later finds out that Seina can't hear well out of her left ear, so George tries again.  Only, Seina heard him the first time--and that ends that relationship.

  104. The Understudy:

  105. The Engagement:

  106. The Postponement:

  107. The Maestro:

  108. The Wink:

  109. The Hot Tub:  The new idea:  look annoyed to look busy.  If you look around his office, you can see Godzilla on his desk.  His assignment for this episode:  talk to the Houston Astros about playing the Yankees.  Of course, he blows it when Wilhelm over hears George calling the Astro boys 'bastards'.  A side note:  George takes his shirt off in the hot tub.

  110. The Soup Nazi:

  111. The Secret Code:

  112. The Pool Guy:  George believes he could take Jerry in a fight.  And Elaine agrees:  he'll fight dirty.   He also fears the "world's colliding"--Jerry blows it by suggesting Susan go with Elaine to a museum of famous women clothes.  If relationship George and independent George meet, it will mean the end of independent George.  He later walks into Monk's to find Susan, Elain, Jerry, and Kramer sitting at a booth with no room for him...his worlds have collided...kaboom!!!!!  So, he goes to eat at Reggies.

  113. The Sponge:

  114. The Gum:

  115. The Rye:

  116. The Caddy:

  117. The Seven:

  118. The Caddilac:

  119. The Shower Head:

  120. The Doll:

  121. The Friars Club:  George is ecstatic that he gets Susan to postpone the wedding until June and he screws the caterer (not like that).  His newest idea for a job:  NFL Coach.  He also reveals that he and Jerry should/could be like the Gatsby's.

  122. The Wig Master:

  123. The Calzone:  George finally gets in good with Steinbrenner and the tool is the calzone.  While lunching with the other George, he proposes a lost and found and again gets in good with the boss man.  One day, George goes to Pizano's to get the daily lunch, and wants to make sure that the employee sees him tip, but just as George drops the money in, the employee turns away and misses the tip.  George then takes the money back, and the employee catches him with his hand in the tip jar and is banned from Pizano's.  Desperate, he asks Newman to pick up the calzones on his route, but Newman fails him when it rains.  So George sends Kramer to Pizano's.  But as with all his plans, it backfires.   Kramer gets kicked out of Pizano's and George can't get in with Steiny.

  124. The Bottle Deposit:  George gets a huge assignment from Wilhelm.  But, he blows it by not following him into the bathroom and misses the entire project.  He just didn't know that Wilhelm was like LBJ.  His quest for the entire episode:  find out what to do.  First, he tries payroll after a clue from Wilhelm.  Gets nowhwere.  Then he hears Wilhelm mention downtown, so he starts singing the song with Jerry, hoping to find clues.   Again, nothing.  However, the report gets turned in anyway and Wilhelm loves it.  But, Steiny thinks its garbage and has George committed.

  125. The Wait Out:

  126. The Invitations:

  127. The Foundation:

  128. The Soul Mate:

  129. The Bizzaro Jerry:

  130. The Little Kicks:

  131. The Package:

  132. The Fatigues:

  133. The Checks:

  134. The Chicken Roaster:

  135. The Abstinence:

  136. The Andrea Doria:

  137. The Little Jerry:

  138. The Money:

  139. The Comeback:

  140. The Van Buren Boys:

  141. The Susie:

  142. The Pothole:

  143. The English Patient:

  144. The Nap:

  145. The Yada Yada:

  146. The Millenium:

  147. The Muffin Tops:

  148. The Summer of George:

  149. The Butter Shave:

  150. The Voice:

  151. The Serenity Now:

  152. The Blood:

  153. The Junk Mail:

  154. The Merv Griffin Show:

  155. The Slicer:

  156. The Betrayal:

  157. The Apology:

  158. The Strike:

  159. The Dealership:

  160. The Reverse Peephole:

  161. The Cartoon:

  162. The Strong Box:

  163. The Wizard:

  164. The Burning:

  165. The Bookstore:

  166. The Frogger:

  167. The Maid:

  168. The Puerto Rican Day:

  169. The Finale:

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