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People Are Stupid

I'm just putting forward my hypothesis that people are stupid!!! I don't mean that they have little intelligence, but lack common sense. Do you doubt me? You are probably thinking, not all people are stupid! Okay, most of them are.

Here is the proof that you've been waiting for. Elevator buttons. How many times does one have to press it to make it come. If it's lit, it's coming. You don't have to keep hitting it over and over again. It doesn't make it come any faster! Same thing goes for crosswalk buttons. Once or twice will do, not infinity. Still don't believe it? How many times do you see dorks on the freeway weaving through traffic at 80+ miles per hour? How many of them wait until the last possible second to get to their exit? Is it going to kill them to miss the damn exit? No, but it might kill someone else!

You're probably thinking, okay, he's got a point, but I still don't believe it. Okay, how's this: ever see an idiot cut off a semi-truck and then slam on the brakes? Wasn't physics a required course in high school? What does your car weigh? On average, about a ton or so. How much can a semi way? Try five times that! If your car takes 150+ feet to stop from 55 mile per hour, what is the braking distance of a vehicle that weights many times that? A lot more than 150 feet. Oh, big deal you say. Try the old force equals mass times acceleration idea. You cut off the truck and hit your brakes...you're as good as dead. But hey, at least you may get to your exit!

All right, here's some more: what are people thinking when they spend much dollars for things their car doesn't need. I'm talking neon! Loud exhaust systems! For what are these things? Wouldn't be worth the money to actually get a better car? Oh wait, that's just common sense, can't have that in this world.

I would type more now, but hey...I've got some other things to finish.


Isn't it ironic that Congress wants to cut funds to the poor (what they call "perks") yet will not cut their own perks. No one will touch those, but legislation to cut welfare would be passed faster than a burrito dipped in vaseline. (paraphrased from Dennis Miller)

Evidence of Stupidity

Heard after floods in Northern California:
Reporter, asking an engineer "How did it flood?"
Engineer, "Too much water."

From the files on Dan Quayle: "I'm in favor of limiting the terms of members of Congress, especially those members in the house and those members in the Senate."

We Live in a Society People!!!

What is wrong with people? Where has courtesy gone? Well, here are some simple rules to follow in everyday life:
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